I love making things for friends and family, who have enjoyed receiving my gifts and have encouraged me to start selling similar items by mail order as well as word of mouth. My mother encouraged my love of crafting by teaching me to knit when I was 10, and I soon progressed to sewing, and learned to use her sewing machine to make my own clothes. I used a small legacy from my Nanna to buy my own machine and it has been in use ever since. In my late teens, I even started making and selling soft toys, furry ones were in fashion then, and i have included photos in the gallery if you are interested to see how fashions have changed?

Whilst she was growing up, my daughter would have these great ideas for gifts for her friends, and outfits to wear for parties etc and I would have to produce her ideas. A lot of the items available to order are based on her designs that were originally made with her as gifts for friends. he padded stocking, for example was first produced as a school project, later adapted as a 21st birthday gift in velvet, adapted to fleece with initials and a small applique is now available in a lovely variety of fleece fabric and can be personalised with a name embroidered on the white cuff.

The quilts came into existence when her friends started having babies of their own, and make wonderful baby shower or new arrival gifts. Fully washable, they are available in a huge range of polycotton and cotton fabrics, with 2oz or 4oz polyester wadding and can be used as tummy time floor mats, or to wrap around snuggly cuddle time, or in the cot, or can be made from outgrown beloved sleepsuits as beautiful memories to treasure.

Apart from mending and cleaning football kit, my son didn't make massive demands on my creativity, but since he has grown up I have been asked to make a full sized poker table/board and last christmas I made the winning crazy christmas jumper which sported a full sized reindeer head complete with flashing nose, bells and flashing lights on the 3' wide antlers. At 6ft tall, and with a proposed meal in a restaurant before the pub crawl, i made the head detachable from the jumper but he managed to wear it all night (in spite of the heated rooms) and attracted a lot of attention!! He wants me to outdo it this year, but I have no idea how.